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Foreplay Football Board Game

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This Foreplay Football Board Game will have you hitting touchdowns in the game and at home with your lover!


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Foreplay Football Board Game

Contents:  Game Board, 50 Activity Cards, 2 Game Tokens, 1 Die

Object:  Players charge up and down the football field performing foreplay activities and collecting Touchdown cards in an all out effort to be the first player to reach the “End Zone”, where sexual fulfillment awaits.

How to Play:  Place the game board on a flat surface and position the Touchdown cards face-down next to the board.  Each player chooses a game token to represent them on their movements across the field and those tokens are then placed on the pink (hers) and blue (his) “Kick-Off” squares.  Players take a single roll of the die to decide who will roll first.  The higher roll wins the play and that player may roll again for their turn to determine how many squares to move forward.  Players make their way across the football field performing foreplay activities as instructed on the game squares and collecting Touchdown cards as they go.   The first player to reach the “End Zone” wins the game, allowing them to receive or perform, at their discretion, the sexual activities listed on their collected Touchdown cards.

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