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Star Stroker Keisha Grey Mini Skirt

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The Keisha Grey Mini Skirt Pussy & Anus Masturbator leaves nothing at all to the imagination!

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Star Stroker Keisha Grey Mini Skirt

Sure, sometimes it’s sexy to fantasize about what could be waiting under that cheeky little miniskirt. Other times, though, you want to see it all – immediately! The Keisha Grey Mini Skirt Pussy & Anus Masturbator leaves nothing at all to the imagination, which is perfect for scenario number two. Under a bright red mini, Keisha Grey presents her pretty pussy and perfect ass to your pleasure.

Nice and weighty, Keisha can be propped sturdily on just about any surface, but she’s easy to hold in your hand(s), too. Depending on your mood, you can slip inside either the pink-lipped vagina or get comfy in her tight little butt. Either way, you’ll feel the difference, as each channel is completely separate, and uniquely textured.

Whether you’re inside the pussy or ass, you’ll notice that they feel nice and snug, plus, a closed-off back end naturally creates a sexy suction effect. That closed design also makes for a mess-free finish, just be sure to clean it out well afterward.

To clean your Keisha Grey Mini Skirt, scrub it down gently using lots of warm soapy water or a favorite toy care fluid/foam. Like we mentioned, this masturbator is closed-off around back, so you’ll need to spend a little time rinsing out the pussy and ass interior channels. Afterward, leave your masturbator somewhere safe to thoroughly air dry before storage.

The Keisha Grey Mini Skirt Pussy & Anus Masturbator requires a LOT of lube to help things glide along smoothly, so make sure to stock up before your session. A good water-based lube is your best bet, but you could use a silicone based lubricant, too.

* The Keisha Grey Mini Skirt Pussy & Anus Masturbator is about 7″/17.8cm in total length and 8″/20.3cm at widest

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 7 × 8 in

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