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Sex Toy Glossary

Anal Beads:
Anal Beads are plastic or jelly strands of beads that are inserted into the anus. As the person reaches climax, Experts suggest slowly removing the beads from the anus to heighten the effects of the orgasm.

Ben-Wa Balls:
Also known as orgasm or Kegel balls,
Ben-Wa balls are inserted into the vagina. They can help strengthen your vaginal muscles for more intense orgasms and alleviate incontinence if used regularly.


Also known as eggs. These vibrators are small, and they’re usually bullet or egg-shaped. Bullet vibes are controlled by a small remote attached with a thin wire.

Butt Plug:

A butt plug is a flexible rubber or jelly toy that is inserted into the anus to heighten sexual sensation. Most are small in size and bullet-like in design. People new to butt plugs should start with a toy that has a flared base to keep the plug from accidentally slipping all the way into the anus.


Clit Stimulators:

Most vibrators can be used to stimulate the clit, but clitoral stimulators in particular focus on the clit. They are sometimes small and fit in your palm, or round and bulbous to cover your entire vulva. Wand massagers are often considered clit stimulators.


Dildos are one of the most popular toys! Dildos are mainly for stimulation through insertion vaginally or anally.
Dildos are often realistic, though not always. Some are colorful, some are large, and some are extra thick.


Double Dildos:

Double Dildos that have a penis head on both ends make for great insertion toys for curious couples.
Double dildos sometimes curve in a “U” shape for use by one person during double penetration.

Glass Wands/Dildos:

Glass Dildos are made from the world’s most durable glass borosilicate, which is also non-porous and can be sterilized in the dishwasher. Most people who find themselves susceptible to allergic reactions from latex and rubber toys can enjoy glass wands or dildos. Glass wands are heat and cold absorbent.  Talk about long-lasting!

G-Spot Vibrators:

The G-spot is a difficult-to-find, hard-to-reach bundle of clitoral nerves inside the vagina. For most, it is the key to amazing vaginal orgasms. Toys designed specifically to stimulate this erogenous zone.


Jelly is a type of material used for sex toys. It is very soft and pliable but extremely porous and difficult to clean.

Latex Rubber:

A type of material commonly used for some sex toys and most condoms.


Lubricants reduce friction. They can be used alone, with sex toys, or with a partner. It is especially important for anal play.


Nipple Pumps:

Also known as clit pumps nipple pumps come with a suction cup that is placed over either the clitoral or nipple area. Once a grip has been established, a vibrating stimulator sends pulsating vibes to the designated area.



A type of material commonly used to make most sex toys. Silicone is a good choice for those allergic to latex. It is also non-porous, which makes it one of the easier-to-clean materials you’ll find in this adult toy guide.
Strap-On: Strap-ons are a type of dildo you can wear on your hips, thigh, chest, or face to penetrate a partner. Most strap-ons are typically used by inserting it into a harness to keep it stable during sex.


One of the most common vibrators used to stimulate areas such as the clit vagina anus, scrotum, or nipples by single or multi-speed vibrations. Vibrators come in a variety of shapes sizes, and strengths.

Waterproof Sex Toys:

Waterproof toys are toys that can be used in and around water, making them ideal for showers or tubs. While waterproof toys can be used in hot tubs, pools, and the ocean, Keep in mind that chemicals and salt water can wear down and destroy toys.

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